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Jonas Miller

Graduate Student
B.A. Psychology, University of Connecticut
Email: jgemiller@ucdavis.edu 

Sarah Pic

Sarah Kahle

Graduate Student
B.A. Journalism and Politics, New York University, Ed.M Mind, Brain, and Education
Email: skahle@ucdavis.edu 

I’m interested in the relations between biology, socialization, personality, emotion and self-regulation and how these relations change over time. I’m especially interested in the role that physiology plays in emotion and self-regulation. My dog is interested in chasing rabbits.

Georges 221

Georges Han

Graduate Student
B.A. Literature
Email: hghan@ucdavis.edu 

Currently, I am a beginning graduate student working at the CMB. Prior to joining the HERD lab, I worked in the areas of psychiatric neuroimaging and stress neuroendocrinology, with a primary focus on affective disorders. Current research effort is focused on examining ways in which stress affects affective decision making and evaluating impulsivity as an endophenotype potentiating risks for substance abuse. Keywords: Emotion Regulation, Executive Function, Brain Connectivity, Psychoneuroendocrinology, Developmental Psychophysiology, Molecular Genetics, Systems Neuroscience.


Natalie Troxel

Graduate Student
B.A. Psychology, Reed College; M.A. Psychology, University of California, Davis
Email: ntroxel@ucdavis.edu 


Jessica Grady

Post-Doctorate Volunteer
Email: jsgrady@ucdavis.edu 

I am interested in how parent factors, such as parents’ behavioral styles, interact with child temperament and physiological profiles to promote or hinder children’s adjustment in social, emotional, and academic domains. I am specifically interested how the physiological and behavioral responses of shy or inhibited children in the presence of social novelty are modified by parent behaviors.