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“Thank you for allowing our participation. Everyone with whom we worked was very professional and having that playroom for the siblings is a great asset to your program.” – Erin and Andrew

“We truly appreciated the patience that was exhibited by the examiners of the study. They gauged my son’s comfort level and went with that instead of forcing him to participate. I liked that the study was held in a clean, well taken-care-of facility. We enjoy participating in these studies and hope to be able to offer our services again in the future. Thanks” -Pinky and Cooper

“Studying how children use and express emotions is a very important topic. I believe that not everyone comes into this world either knowing how to appropriately express themselves or having the best parental emotional models.” -Noel

“You did a great job making me and my son feel comfortable. The study was in no way stressful or scary for my son. Both sessions were extremely organized and professional.”

“Overall excellent job with the study and very thorough job from the students and staff. The students were very supportive and helpful making the experience a happy one for both child and parent.”

“We had a great experience participating in the HERD Lab Positive Emotions and Behaviors Study. The study was done very professional, and the staff made me and my child at ease. They are very patient, kind, and warm. My daughter loved going both times and was especially excited with the gift that she got at the end. Thank you for allowing us to participate, we were glad to help.” – Lindsey